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Inglese giuridico: CONTRACT LAW: is the body of private law wich regulates legal right and remedies resulting from contracts between individuals and/or companies. For specific agreements it can be supplemented by others laws. CONTRACT: is an oral or written promisebetween individuals and/or companies wich obliges each party to do or not to do something. It may be express or implied: in an express contract the existence and terms are stated in words or in writing between the parties; Instead in an implied contract the existence and the terms are inferred from the conduct of the parties. The essential elements of a valid contract are the invitation to negotiate, the offer, the acceptance of the offer, and in common law countries, CONSIDERATION: was defined as some right, interest, benefit accruing to the one party, or some detriment, loss or responsability given or suffered by the other. In others words it is the requirement of reciprocal obbligations on the part of both parties. This is what distinguishes enforceable promises from gratuitous promises. Other important elements for a binding contract are the price, the purpose (what motivates one party to promise something to the other) and other conditions ( an act or an event, the occourrence of which in uncertan)
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